The Beauty Of Nature Today, For The Best Tomorrow

We are an all new specialty wood product manufacturing company located on the beautiful Bruce Peninsula. Our goal is to supply north America with the highest quality, most Eco-friendly products ever manufactured while planting thousands of trees in the local Grey Bruce area. Our full line of products convey the beauty that mother nature has to offer us while maintaining the most natural biodegradable properties. Passion for the outdoors is the bloodline of our company & ensuring that all materials are sustainably sourced, in addition to implementing our Tree Planting program is how we guarantee a platform defining indefinite sustainability as we feel that looking after future generations is so important.

We take immense pride in our products and we hold them to the highest quality standards. Each of our products are individually unique; there are no two the same, a concept that only mother nature herself could offer. We would never take full credit for our products, after all mother nature is the sole creator, we are just her advocates. Designing and developing new innovative all natural products is at the forefront of our company as we feel that our all natural products are going to dominate industry after industry.

Our concept of all natural wood products is truly reinventing the definition of recycling, help us lead the way in this industry and change the world of household products as we know it!

Our products are available at your local Home Hardware locations across Canada.

Tree Planting Program

We at Specialty Wood Products feel that it is so important to replenish resources extracted. Therefore, we have launched a tree planting program in the local Grey Bruce area. To learn more information about our program, or to apply for the opportunity to be a part of it, visit our Tree Planting Program page linked below.