Tree Planting Program

We at specialty wood products feel that it is so important to replenish resources extracted so we have launched a tree planting program in the local Grey Bruce area. Trees are such a vital part of our ecosystem and sustainability no matter what industry or resource should be priority for all of us. We are proud to announce that we have established a full cooperative partnership with lands and forests consulting, they are the experts when it comes to all types of tree planting. Creating this partnership has been a milestone for us, as we take such pride in this program.

This partnership ensures that this program is going to be completed with the highest quality standards. Lands and forests guarantee the highest survival rates and they are reputable for the utmost quality. They have planted in access of one million trees over the last several years. The way our tree planting program works, as advertised; we plant a tree for every product we sell. At year end we tally all unit sales and calculate exactly how many trees are going to be planted the following year. Once we have calculated exactly how many trees, we then turn to our to be planted’ waiting list to see where the tree volume will match desired plant space as suggested by land owner.

After a suitable location has been chosen we contact the landowner, establish a meeting to discuss planting formats as well as take soil samples to recommend suitable species for that specific soil type. After all of this is complete, a professional planting team from lands and forests come and plant the desired area. If you are a private land owner and are interested in having your property planted please see registration.

Its as simple as that. Absolutely zero cost to the landowner. To learn more about tree planting programs in Ontario, visit Lands and Forests Consulting.

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